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Ravenbridge Stores
Bridge Street, Kirkoswald, Nr Penrith,
Cumbria, CA10 1DQ
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Save the ko shop?

Following the sad death of David Hodgkiss, his widow, Shirley, wishes to sell the Ravenbridge Stores premises, preferably for it to become a community owned shop.
A proposal has been made which would enable local residents to collectively own the shop and to have a say in how it is run. This is an ambitious project, and it can be successful only with the wholehearted and enthusiastic involvement of the Community.
A brief summary of our current thinking is set out below.
1. A Steering Group will form a Community Benefit Society, which will raise funds to purchase and run the shop essentially as it is being run at present. Further details of the Community Benefit Society concept can be found at www.plunkett.co.uk.
2. Investment in the Society will be in the form of shares which can be purchased by any individual. Each shareholder will have a single vote at General Meetings of the Society, regardless of the amount contributed. The capital raised will be supplemented by grants and, possibly, loans.
3. Management of the Society will be in the hands of a Management Committee. As soon as possible all members will be nominated and voted on by shareholders in the Society.
4. Our first task will be to raise funds to purchase the premises. It is estimated that the amount required could be as much as £250,000.
5. The timescales we are working to are as follows:

Late January 2021 – confirmation that sufficient funding from members of the Community and through grants should be available.
Late February 2021 – issue formal share offer to the KO parish and its surrounding areas.
End May 2021 – completion of purchase of shop.

In order to gauge your opinions, we would be grateful if you could fill in the attached Questionnaire and return it to the shop by the end of January2021. You can also request a digital version from millsy303030@yahoo.co.uk.  This is a one-off opportunity to save the KO shop, and for you to both own and be involved in its future operations.
David’s philanthropic action in 2010 resurrected the village shop after it had closed. He received absolutely no financial benefit from the purchase, nor did he interfere in the running of the shop. It would be a fitting memorial to him if the Community came together to purchase and run the shop for the benefit of present and future members of the Community.

Please fill in the Questionnaire, and please consider investing in the project.
There are around 450 households in the parish. So far around £50,000 has been pledged by around 50 households. Please make your household one of the remaining 400 to invest.

Will you help us save your shop?

Download Questionnaire